Advanced Tactical Medical Provider – (TCCC-CP) Tier 4 Course

Course is designed for advanced pre-hospital providers who is looking to continue their tactical medical education and training. Students will refresh in TCCC principles and phases of care then continue into prolonged casualty care education and training while utilizing the MARCH-PAWS algorithm with the up to date guidelines based on evidence-based research and proven practices to optimize prolonged patient care in austere locations, improve outcomes and save lives. Students will be instructed on the best practices for extended casualty care with limited resources both in trauma and medical scenarios throughout this course in order to provide best patient outcomes.

  • Course Objective: The primary objective of this course is to provide medical providers with advanced prehospital casualty care education and training focused on managing combat casualties in austere tactical environments for potential extended periods of time.
  • Course Duration: The ATMP-TCCC Course is a 68 -hour program
  • Curriculum: Principles of MARCHE-PAWS / Prolonged Casualty Care
  • Hemorrhage Control Management: Advanced techniques and strategies for controlling and managing severe bleeding, which is often a primary concern in combat trauma.
  • Airway and Respiratory Management: This includes advanced principles and strategies for managing airways and the ability to breath including surgical airway, chest tube placements, ventilator management while operating in challenging austere environments.
  • Trauma Shock Management: Principles of Trauma shock Resuscitation management Vascular/IO access. Blood / Fluid Resuscitation
  • Burn Management: Burn management strategies and fluid resuscitation
  • Casualty Collection Points (CCPs): Instruction on setting up and managing CCPs and Vehicle Casualty Collection Points VCCPs for efficient casualty care and medical treatment.
  • Extrication Techniques: Advanced skills related to safely and efficiently extracting casualties from dangerous or hostile environments.
  • Evacuation Preparation: Strategies and procedures for preparing casualties for evacuation to higher-level medical facilities.
  • Live Fire: Live Fire scenarios utilizing the Three phases of Care TCCC
  • Classroom, Lab, and Field Format: The course is typically presented in a format that includes classroom lectures, hands-on skills training in a lab setting, and field scenario sessions to provide realistic and practical training experiences.

Date: 19-25 August, 2024

Total Seats 12

Course Cost : $1600