Eric C

Aaron & VAMS staff,

I want to reach out to you and say thank you for what you all do! I can’t go into the details but I was in the position to apply some of the skills I learned at your course. On Friday, 5/31/2019, we had a person go down and because I taught my team what you taught me, we were able to save a life. There was a momentary pause because I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then the training kicked in! My team was mobilized, everyone moved quickly and efficiently, teamwork and communication was textbook, we have to improvise and I was SUPER PROUD of my team’s performance!

I thought about how we did this while writing the AIC and you should know that what you teach actually saved a life!

Our victory in the field is a result of your victory in the classroom. Again, Thank you very much!!!

Kind Regards,

Conrad Sloane


A couple of weeks ago when I took your TECC class at the North GA Law Enforcement Center I had no clue how dam useful that class would be. All those random ass times you made the class apply a TQ to different extremities started to get annoying but I honestly thank you and Gail for doing it and teaching the class exactly how you did.

Two days ago, I took a GSW to the left leg on duty; it was a 9mm hollow point through and through. The first 10 seconds I couldn’t feel the pain (shock) but I knew exactly what happened and without even thinking applied my CAT TQ that I had on my belt. When I got to Kennestone Hospital, the trauma surgeon was amazed that I personally applied my own TQ well enough to lose pedal pulses and that quickly.

I honestly couldn’t imagine how I would have turned out if I hadn’t taken the class with y’all. Thank you so much for your years of experience and continuation of teaching proper emergency medical care.

Best Wishes,

Norm Early

Great company and great teaching. would def recommend for anyone wanting to take a TECC class or TCCC class

Micahel Gilmore

Great Experience, I really learned a lot. Highly recommended company and instructors. AJ and Gail are top notch! You won’t regret choosing V.A.M.S for your future training solutions.

Brantley, Jason

I wanted to email you to tell you the TCCC training FTO Porter, Officer George and I completed with your team at the Cobb County Public Safety Police Academy came in handy yesterday. We had a subject who was shot multiple times and then run over by the suspect vehicle. FTO Porter and Officer George were two of the first officers to arrive and immediately began applying TCCC principles in treating the victim. FTO Porter checked a tourniquet applied by another officer and found it was applied correctly, and assessed the leg wounds and applied a second tourniquet due to a severe lower leg wound which was still bleeding.   Officers worked together to assess the victim in full and located and treated all wounds. They were able to stabilize him as best as possible until Fire/EMS arrived and took over. The victim lived. I have no doubt your course contributed to the these officers being able to treat the victim effectively. I just wanted to thank you and your team once again,