The Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Combat Medic / Corpsmen (TCCC-CMC Tier-3) course

This course is an advanced and intensive training program specifically designed for medical providers, such as combat medics and corpsmen. This 64-hour course is aimed at equipping these professionals with the advanced knowledge and skills required to manage life-threatening injuries commonly encountered in the challenging and austere tactical battlefield environment.

  • Course Duration: The TCCC-CMC Tier-3 course spans 64 hours, offering a deep and comprehensive education in combat casualty care.
  • Course Objective: The primary objective of this course is to provide medical providers with advanced prehospital casualty care education and skills focused on managing combat casualties in austere tactical environments. These professionals need to be prepared to deliver the highest level of care in the field of duty.
  • Curriculum: The course covers a wide range of advanced topics and skills, including:
    • Hemorrhage Control Management: Advanced techniques and strategies for controlling and managing severe bleeding, which is often a primary concern in combat trauma.
    • Airway and Respiratory Management: This includes advanced principles and strategies for establishing and managing airways and addressing respiratory issues in challenging conditions.
    • Trauma Shock Management: Strategies for the advanced management of shock, which may result from severe injuries in the field.
    • Burn Management: Comprehensive training in the treatment of burn injuries commonly encountered in the battlefield.
    • Pain and Sedation Management: Techniques for effectively managing pain and providing sedation when necessary.
    • Casualty Collection Points (CCPs): Instruction on setting up and managing CCPs for efficient casualty care and medical treatment.
    • Extrication Techniques: Advanced skills related to safely and efficiently extracting casualties from dangerous or hostile environments.
    • Communication and Documentation: Advanced communication techniques and the importance of detailed documentation of casualty information and medical care provided.
    • Evacuation Preparation: Strategies and procedures for preparing casualties for evacuation to higher-level medical facilities.
    • Classroom, Lab, and Field Format: The course is typically presented in a format that includes classroom lectures, hands-on skills training in a lab setting, and field scenario sessions to provide a realistic and practical training experience.
    • Operational Planning and Execution: This course often includes instruction in operational planning and execution, ensuring that medical providers are prepared for a variety of tactical situations.


The TCCC-CMC Tier-3 course is essential for military medical providers who may find themselves in high-stress and challenging battlefield situations. It equips them with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to provide top-level trauma care to save lives and support the overall mission. This training is vital to the safety and well-being of military personnel in the field.