VAMS 7 day Comprehensive Tactical Medic Provider Course is designed to introduce pre-hospital providers to the dynamic world of tactical medicine. Through years of experience working in both law enforcement special operations and military combat operations, we offer an up to date tactical medical evidence-based course that is physically, as well as mentally challenging.

The TMPC instruction curriculum provides students with a comprehensive learning platform with core fundamentals of tactical medicine operations, TCCC and TECC required to support, and operate, as a tactical medical provider on a specialized police response teams, personal security teams, or military medics in supporting operations in the tactical arena.


As the violence increases in our country and around the world, drug activity and terrorism continue to increase, as well as active and mass shootings, we need to enhance the tactical medical ability of the TMP. Training, skills, and experience are the key to success in any tactical operation along with ability to critically think through and solve complex tactical medical problems that maybe encountered. Extrication and Casualty Collection Points are also a primary responsibility of the TMP. Students are provided the opportunity to designate, develop and manage the CCP as well as understanding the supporting roles of responding resources that are required at the scene.

By combining the students core fundamentals of education and experience, providing a tactical medical program that supports their mission profiles allows for the student to expand their tactical medical capabilities. Our Tactical Medic Provider Course continues to grow, and students continue to engage us which continues expand our TMP program in support of their efforts in providing the paradigm of life saving Interventions as well as operational medicine base on medical evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield.

Course Cost : $1350.00